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the dmr network and operation

The network DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) is a digital two-way radio technology that has become popular among radio amateurs due to its advantages in audio quality, range, and safety.

The DMR network uses digital frequency modulation (MFD) to transmit audio signals, which are converted into digital data and sent over a transmission channel. Unlike analog systems, the DMR uses digital signals that are less likely to be affected by interference or noise, ensuring higher audio quality and longer range.


The network DMR also uses a technique called Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA), which allows multiple users to share the same transmission channel. This technique divides the channel into two separate time slots, which means that two conversations can take place simultaneously on the same channel, thus increasing the capacity of the network.

In addition to its advantages in terms of audio quality and range, the network DMR also offers advanced security features, such as data encryption. Communications between the radios are encrypted, which prevents unauthorized persons from listening in on the conversations. Additionally, radios DMR can be programmed to use private communication channels, ensuring that conversations can only be overheard by authorized persons.

the advantages of DMRQ

DMRQ offers many advantages, in particular thanks to its 100% private wireless and fiber optic network which connects all the repeaters to a server hosted in a data center located in Montreal at Netsolid. This ensures continuity of network communications even in the event of an Internet outage. In addition, all exchanges between the repeaters are done on a single network, allowing us to have total control over the network.

A network available everywhere on the 3022

DMRQ is a digital communication system that connects radio enthusiasts across Quebec. This system is composed of several repeaters which are permanently united on the groupTG3022 on TimeSlot 1. Thanks to this configuration, it is possible to communicate with radio amateurs in Quebec at all times.


Moreover, DMRQ connects users across a wide geographic area through its interconnected repeaters. Using DMRQ, radio enthusiasts can communicate with other radio enthusiasts all over the world.

Il est possible de ce connecter au réseau DMRQ en utilisant votre réseau Internet via Hotspot. Cette fonction est vraiment apprécier pour les utilisateurs qui ne sont pas dans la couverture du réseau de répéteurs. 

In summary, the DM networkR digital is premium two-way radio technology, offering extended range, increased capacity and advanced security features. Radio amateurs can use the network DMR to communicate with other radio amateurs, for rescue operations,sporting events, or for any other activity requiring reliable and quality communication.

SLOT 1 TG3022

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